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Product Description

The Bunga Youth Patellar Tracker™ is made of 1/8" UBL plush material for comfort and fit on one side and Bunga Tiger's Tooth™, a non-slip latex-free neoprene on the opposing side to limit or prevent movement of the support. The insert is integrated into the support for ease of use. Also, the user can adapt the support for ITB problems without the necessity of purchasing a different and second support.

This support is used to help prevent and decrease the pain associated with Patellar Tendonitis, Osgood Schlatter disease, Chrondromalacia, Patellar-Femoral Syndrome, Runner's knee and Jumper's knee. One of the major complaints from user's of other patellar straps is that they slip around. Unlike other materials in the market, the Bunga Youth Patellar Tracker™ is made of special materials which help to reduce slipping, even when you sweat. Also an excellent compression aid for ITB pulls!

Universal Children's Sizing

This braces is design for a child's leg. If you need a larger knee strap for an adult leg see product AKS1.

Suggested HCPCS for Insurance Billing

Suggested HCPCS Code: L1800 - Absolute Athletics, LLC assumes no liability in the use of these codes. These codes are being provided as a convenience to our customers who wish to make a claim for possible reimbursement for the costs of this and other braces.

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